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 Geri Halliwell Picture Gallery


one thing that i think i can bost about is my massive picture collection. I have a huge collection of Geri Pictures that i have accumulated over time.

I do label some of my pictures. I will say i am sorry now to the many people that i am about to piss off. The reason i label them is because i dont want people taking my pictures without giving me credit. if you want an unlabeled picture from me you have to email me and i will mail you the picture on the condition that i will get credit and link on your site.

Some picture areas are not yet up. This is a new site so cut me some slack ok!

Ok not enough of my babbling! Go and look at some magical Geri pictutres! Have fun!


Pictures of Geri before she was a Spice Girl.

Pre-Spice Geri Pictures

Pictures of Geri in the Early Spice Days

Pictures of Geri in the Early Spice days

Just your everyday, run of the mill, Spice Pictures, in several catagories

Everyday Spice Pictures of Geri, Several catagories

Pictures of Geri from her departure from the Spice Girls to now

the most recent pics

Pictures of Geri from magazine cover shoots and exclusive articles and interviews of her. Most articles included

Magazine Pictures

pictures of Geri on mag covers and feature articles on her

Spice Girls video pictures and solo videos also

Video Pictures

Spice Videos and Solo videos

Soem odd little pictures of Geri.... Just look....

Weird Pictures

Some odd little pictures of Geri.... just look....