Post-Spice Geri Pictures

These are the most recent pictures of the lovely Geri Halliwell. All of these pictures have been taken in the time frame in which she has left the Spice Girls.

I personally think she looks much better now that she has um, calmed her look down a little bit. I was so amazed when I bought the Allure with her on it. She has freckles!!! I cant belive she could actually hide them under all that make-up she was wearing. Anyways, go about and look at the lovely Geri pictures ;)















Look At Me video characters:

from The Sun


some smaller post spice pics I didn't want to thumbnail:

Some older pictures of Geri's post spice days.....


Some new pics of Geri have also been in some magazines (i.e. Jane, Allure and Marie Claire). To go to the magazine section to check them out, click here.