All of the old updates to Ginger Snap. Some of these links and content may not be valid at all anymore, keep that in mind. This is just an archive of what has been done to GS over time.

02-23-01 Finally fixed the frames so that the stuff comes up in the window where it should. I will be converting all the pages into the new layout, so not much new content will be up. Older things that have been down should be back though. Let me know what you think of the new Ginger Snap! Take the poll about or e-mail me!

02-21-01 NEW LAYOUT!!!!!!!! Nothing is in the correct format just to let you all know, and I am having some major technical difficulties so everything is popping up in a new window. So bare with me and everything will be worked out much better in a few days. I hope everyone likes the new layout!

01-08-01 I added my site to the Geri Halliwell Network awards 2001. If you think I deserve it, please vote for my site! I would really appreciate it!! :D thanks! webmistress page is up & so is the banners section. I hope to have all the sections up & working soon.

01-04-01 Hello Ginger Snap visitors. I know it has been a long time since anything has been done to this site. I deepy appoligize to any frequent visitors of my site. I just suddenly lost interest in maintaining this site once Geri sorta dropped off the planet for a while. I will try to work on the site more, but it will probably remain pretty dead, at least until Geri comes back again. School is hectic & it is hard to squeeze site maintence in there. Also, I have a major disadvantage. I am American, most of the time Geri news is pretty scarce around here & probably wouldn't be as reliable. I suggest Halliwell House for up-to-date news. Again thank you for all those who have stuck with me. I promise things will be back to normal again. I will probably even make a special CD or something else with Geri's B-sides or something else neat to give away. I will probably do that in March to celebrate the 2 year aniversary of Ginger Snap.

I have re-worked some sections a bit (including this one) & have made some new logos. I will have a page up for every single page in the menu, even if there is no content, just so visitors will know that it isn't just a broken link. Sincerely, Your webmisstress Caitlin

10-22-00 New   layout!  I  felt  it was about time GS got a facelift.  Much  new content coming also!! It will all  be completed soon!!

08-06-00Many new updates! Added the drop down menu to make navigation much easier! Click around and check out the pages cause there have been several new additions! And Happy Birthday to Geri!!

Happy Birthday Geri!!

06-24-00- Ginger Snap is back!!! And back at Tripod also. I know the popups are annoying, but Dnecity wasn't working well for me. I am so sorry for the downtime of a few months! Troubles in my personal life have taken away time that I had to spend on the site. But hopefully I will be able to keep GS up and running smoothly! Thank you to all the people that have stuck by GS through all this time! It may take a few days for some parts of the page to be working correctly, especially the picture section. Thanks!

03-22-00- I am sorry for the lack of updates. But has not been functioning for me and it will not allow me to upload files. I will try and get some new material and updates soon.

3-18-00- Updates have been quite minimal lately. This weekend I hope to have the time to type, scan, and load articles and pictures for you beautiful people. I think I am going to start a desktop background of the week, month, or whenever I plan to change it. hehe, well I'll start now! I hope you enjoy them! Please give me feedback! Also, new quiz o' the week.

02-09-00- New server & brand new layout for Ginger Snap! Version 5.1! When you proceed to the main page, there is a whole new set of frames, and all the pages have been edited with a much sleeker more professional design. I am now hosted by dencity, they're great! a free server with 25MB of space and NO POP UPS! just the small ad you see at the bottom of this page! NOTE: It will take several days before the entire site is loaded with the new layout. Sorry for the delay, but I have been SO busy! If Only section will be coming soon!!

11-10-99- Brand new layout for Ginger Snap! Version 5.0! When you proceed to the main page, there is a whole new set of frames, and all the pages have been edited with a much sleeker more professinol design. There will probably be changes made to Index also. NOTE: It will take several days before the entire site is loaded with the new layout. Sorry for the delay, but I have been SO busy! If Only section will be coming soon

10-17-99- some updates to index. If Only Special section is coming soon!!

9-25-99- This page re-organized.Index2 gets a new frame background News Index changed around a bit.

9-18-99- Added some new webrings. Added some more places to vote for me! Please do!!!! New background on index2 and the frame changed a bit. Multimedia is the old backgrounds page. Album & Single is called just Schizophonic and lyrics put into that also. LAM & MCL sections are down for right now. Sorry for lack of updates. School has started so it makes it hard to update regularly.

9-6-99- Changed the Links and Webrings page with some more stuff added on. Added two new banners Other Maintence done

8-26-99- Um... i think i forgot to update this page again! i have changed this main page a little bit, hmm some other stuff too i think

8-09-99- Changed several pages to a more sleek look. A new drawing is in Geri Art! News section completely changed! This page changed a bit.

7-30-99- Worked a bit on the index2, basicly been doing maintainence on the page. The Geri art section has been updated an changed a bit, with some drawings rescanned. I think some other stuff was done but can't remember hehe.

7-23-99- Silly me! forgot to update the updates! *duh* Added: Make a Geri Postcard of your own to send to a pal! Changed the About Me section a bit. A new drawing is added to Geri Art! Oh and the biggest of all! The picture section has been totally revamped! All pictures will be working links soon! Woo hoo! Oh and, go sign Geri's Birthday card! It's at Trixie Firecracker, the banner up above! Oh and sorry for lack of updates and news, it's been kinda slow lately.

7-14-99- This page changed! Sounds added! All songs from Schizophonic are on there. Um... some major housekeeping is going to be happening on the Picture section. Going to rework things and make them easier. Um! I think I have added more things, but don't remember what! how handy! Anways, full Products section will be up soon!

7-8-99- Sorry for the lack of updates! Teen People article added to Picture Gallery section. Also added People Magazine and other reviews of her album in News (new section for reviews and charts coming soon.) Adopt-a-Geri section added! Drop by and adopt a Geri of your own! Products & Ads section coming very soon! Come back soon!

6-28-99- Ginger Snap Version 4.0 on the inside. I once again remodeled. I think it's much nicer and easier to navigate. Picture Gallery changed a bit in the layout (more pics coming soon!) More updates and changes to pages coming soon!!

6-24-99- Added a new drawing to the "Geri Art" section

6-21-99- Tons of updates!! Multimedia page is gone, but there is the Computer Backgrounds & Stuff section, and Sounds (coming soon!) Also added: Schizophonic lyrics, Boxset (Geri has a new boxset, btw!), My banners (many new banners added!), and Links & Webrings(moved webrings to links)

6-18-99- Geri's album, Schizophonic, has arrived

6-15-99- Rolling Stone article added to the new section in the Picture gallery, "articles" along with some other older articles I typed up.

6-09-99- New Entertainment Weekly article and picture added to Mag Pics in the Picture gallery Added new Picture gallery and News frames! multimedia page and many other pages updated!

6-03-99- This Page (main page) redesigned! Mademoiselle article and pictures have been added to the Mag Pics

5-11-99- Album and Single page has been updated with single cover pics and a new background :o)

05-06-99- Album and Single Report page added!