Roy and Me

I met Roy in 11th grade. I had really known him since 9th grade, but I didn't know him. I finally had two classes with him our junior year, so I finally got to know him and talked to him. We really "bonded" in our digital art class though. At first we didn't really talk much to each other, but through a mutual friend we became closer.

In our class we learned how to use Adobe Photoshop, which he already knew how to use. He was very good and even sold his graphics to online companys. Needless to say, I was impressed. Smart is sexy and he was very smart.

A little bit about Roy. Many people think he's just a geek and dismiss him as being socially retarded and strange, I was one of them at first. I very unfairly judged him as a person. True, he is a bit odd, but not in a bad way. He is actually quite witty and responsive to conversation, not like many of his friends. I find myself really getting into our conversations and getting almost "gushy" at times when I was particularly excited about something.

He is also quite shy, one reason he gets a bad wrap. If you don't initiate the conversation, chances are he won't start one with you. He's also quite shy around girls, often blushing and looking down-- which makes him all the more attractive to us girls. I would often touch him on the arm or put my arm around him just to "tease" him, but deep down I knew he liked it. Physically he's a skinny boy, about 5'7". He has beautiful strawberry blonde hair and fantastic, clear, smooth skin. He also has the faintest bit of a goatee. Style-wise, he is actually quite savvy, especially compared to his friends. While his friends were typically "geeky" or boring, he always wears nice khakis and overshirts, looking neatly pressed and clean.