Geri the Spice Ghoul

Star Gingers Up Comeback From Grave

Tressed To Kill: With long extensions to her famous ginger hair, Geri unveils a dramatic new look for her return to the pop scene

FORMER Spice Girl Geri Halliwell is back to rock the pop world with a hairy, scary experience for fans.
Her ghoulish debut-single video is set in a graveyard and features nuns and a priest.
Geri, 26, has taken on a dramatic new look. She wears long ginger extensions to her own famous locks and is dressed in a flowing white outfit with red shoes.
The £250,000 video starts with a Victorian funeral procession winding through Highgate cemetery in London. In another part of the action, Geri leads a group of nuns around tombstones. An insider on the production, which was also shot in Prague, said: "Geri looks like a cross between Kate Bush and Madonna.
"It's definitely a change of direction for her. The video will shock a lot of people. Geri wanted to get away from the niceness of the Spice Girls. She wanted to try something more challenging and appeal to an older audience. "I am sure that some of the scenes will cause a lot of controversy. But that sort of thing never hurt Madonna's career. I think Geri knows exactly what she's doing. She's very shrewd."
Geri had to sit for hours in rollers while experts worked on her hairdo and make-up artists applied finishing touches.
And between takes, the star was spotted smoking a few cigarettes to pass the time. Millionaire Geri got the idea for the video after she moved into a former monastery near Slough, Berks, next door to an order of nuns. The video was made for the song Look At Me, the first single from her solo album due out early this summer. Songwriter Paul Wilson said: "This single will surprise many people. Geri wanted to do something completely different, but still keep her pop edge. This track has definitely achieved that."
Look At Me will be released on May 10, almost a year after Ginger Spice Geri walked out on the other Girls. A pal of the singer said: "Many people criticised her for taking so long out of the pop arena. They said that she had lost the moment and would be forgotten.
"But after all the madness surrounding the Spice Girls she decided to take a well deserved break. She pursued other interests and she's ready to come back with a bang."


Captions for the three small pics in order they apear:

ROLL ON: Before the video shoot,
hours of hair-styling.

IT'S A DRAG: Another lull, but a
cigarette breaks the wait

LET'S GO: Action - Geri leads nuns
around the tombstones