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Well, here's some info on how this site is made and all that jazz.

I use a page maker to create my page. Some might view that as "cheating", but I view it was keeping my sanity (well what little was left). If I had to actually write all the code for my site, I think I would pass out. I couldn't do it! It's just too complicated for me. I could do it, but it would never be to the quality as my site is now. Using the page maker, enables me to be creative with the site, and figure out what I need to do to make it better. There is some Javascript on the site, such as the drop down menu on the index2 that helps you navigate around the site.

I use Adobe Pagemill 3.0. It's pretty cool, I suggest it if you want to make a nice page with frames. Or just easily want to maintain a page.

Tripod is my server. I have several tripod accounts seeing as only 10MB of free space is given. You many see some links to different Tripod accounts. (I also use them for some of my other sites also.) But actually all of a sudden I have like 40mb of space.... haha I don't know how it happened but I'm not asking any questions hehe :D . I used to use Dencity. I really liked it. For a while. Then it decided to not work.... I wasn't able to upload or edit anything. And Tripod's system of uploading and editing is much nicer.

Oh, most of the links on this page are no line! so if you think there is no link, you're wrong, just put your mouse over it and if the the little hand shows up, it's a link.

Hmm.... shall I state what equipment I use to make stuff for the site? Well since you asked so nicely....

Hmm.... well I have a Compaq Presario computer that will be 2 years old this coming Christmas. It's a good computer, although it pisses me off sometimes.

Um what else is there? Um... I have a not-nice scanner that doesn't like to scan right sometimes. It has been nice lately though. For the sounds I use the Real Producer G2 from Real Audio.

I guess that's it.

If there is actually something else you want to know? Drop me a line.


:: Site Map ::

a guide to what is on my page, and how to find it.



the very front page, has page counter and guestbook, sponsers banners and the such. Basicly just an introduction to Ginger Snap.


Index 2-

the 2nd page you come to. It is a frame set (which you will stay in unless a new window opens.), and on the left will be a drop down menu of all that is on my site. The right is the main page and includes a nifty background and the Quiz of the week. Latest news, and page updates, and various other things are also there.



Another frame set comes up in right index frame. It has all the latest news on Geri that's out there and relating things.


Geri Picture Gallery-

Many, many pictures of Geri in many, many catagories. There are Prespice pictures, Spice (with different catagories in that), Before Left, Weird, Post-Spice, Mag pics, and articles. New window. Some exclusive Ginger Snap pictures!



Info, pictures, ads, etc on Geri's debut album. Includes special section for the singles, Look At Me and Mi Chico Latino. There is also a snazzy display of all the lyrics like they appear in the album booklet.



A place to adopt a cyber-Geri of your own! Go and see if you'd like to adopt one today!


Geri Art-

Art work, mostly by moi, of Geri, the other Spices and some other non-Spice related art.



Articles with pictures from many differnt sources. Many are EXCLUSIVE to Ginger Snap. Hands off.



A groovy little section with many Geri backgrounds made by yours truly. Also includes a neat-o Geri paper doll to print out and play with :0) Sound section and more will be coming soon.


Box Set-

A nifty "special report" i guess you could say, on Geri's limited edition box set for Schizophonic. Exclusive to Ginger Snap



A section with all the special Spice Girls products (ie, impulse spray, crazy dips, SpiceCam, etc.) that were out there, and just various ones. -Coming Soon-


Geri Postcards-

Make a Geri postcard to send to a pal!


My Banners-

Banners for this site that I made. Copy and paste the HTML on your page to link me. Remember if you do, be sure to tell me, so I can link you too!


Song Poll-

Vote on your favorite song from Schizophonic and view what others have voted.


Links etc.-

The name basicly sums it up. Links to Geri sites, friends sites, and other sites. And also some webrings & cliques I have joined.



not much to this section yet... but it will eventually include information on Geri's childhood up to the present.



Quotes strait from Geri's mouth, well maybe.


Geri Theories-

Some "theories" I've written about Geri, such as "Is Geri A Lesbian?" a humorous, little section. More to come.


Site Info & Map-

That would be what you are reading right now!


Quiz Archive-

The name says it all. The old results of quizes of the week are stored here.


About Me-

Information about little old me, webmaster and creater of the site.


Sign/View Guestbook-

Well, go and sign my guestbook. Pretty please? And view it if you like.


Email Me-

Email me the webmistress with any questions, comments, complains etc.