this section will have quotes directly from Geri's mouth, or well close enough to it. I cannot be sure if all the quotes are actually true and accurate, but i try and get them from reliable sources. This page is kinda small right now, but it will keep growing. So anyways, enjoy.


I really enjoyed playing
such a glamorous role - it
was hilarious being lifted
up by all those men!

-Geri on her role in the "Too Much" video


It's hard to stand up for yourself when there are strong characters trying to overshadow your personality and make you do what they're doing. If you can't cope with it, take yourself our of the environment. For example, if the kids in theplayground are trying to persuade you to smoke or take drugs or steal, and you really don't agree, make an excuse and leave.
Some people might say
where's the sense in Girl
Power in the topless
modelling I did. But that's
where the
misunderstanding is. GIirl
Power is all about
controlling your own
destiny and what is right
for you  it's not a dictation
of how to be.
After we got signed, we went back to Melanie's house and had a flower fight. Vicky got her knickers ripped off in the taxi too. We threw them out of the window! -geri on the early spice days