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Past weekly Geri quizes

 Q: Do you think Geri should join the Spice Girls to accept the liftime achievment
awards on the brits?

(of 182 respondents)

60% Yes Definitly! She was a spice too!
9% If she changed her mind about it, yeah
5% It should be up to the spices
6% It should be a big surprise if she does!
20% No I don't think she should.

 Q: I know this doesn't have much to
do with Geri, but what do you think of the new Ginger Snap layout?
(of 31 respondents)
26% I think it's simply marvelous!
23% It's pretty good
19% It's ok I guess
0% I liked the old layouts better
10% doesn't work with my screen resolution
23% It sucks! It's horrible!

Well golly gee, i can't say that it's much of an ego booster to know that 23% hated my site :..( but they didn't leave any comments etc, so i don't know how to improve my site. Oh well, every man to his own.

Q: What do you think of Geri's new
relationhip with Chris Evans?
(of 39 respondents)
31% I think it's great she's found someone!
5% I don't know, i could go either way
23% I don't think it will last
8% don't have an opinion
33% didn't know about it until now

Q: What do you think of Geri's work
as a UN Goodwill Ambassador?
(of 148 respondents)
70% I think she is doing a fantastic thing
11% it's kinda cool i guess
12% don't really know much about it
4% could care less
3% have no opinion

Q: What do you think of 'Schizophonic'?
(of 61 respondents)
69% I really love/like it!
11% it's pretty good
3% it's ok
5% i wasn't impressed much
0% Hate it!
11% Don't have it

Q: What do you think of Geri's 'new
look'? (i know it's kinda late to be asking this,
but oh well)
(of 62 respondents)
(June 8th to June 25th)
42% I think she looks fabulous!
23% She looks pretty good
8% eh, she looks ok
11% she looks fine, but Ginger was better
11% I liked her Ginger look better
5% I don't like the look now, or before

 Q: When are you planing on buying
Geri's new album Schizophonic?
(of 21 respondents) (June 8th)
0% I've already special ordered it!
57% The first day it comes out
19% within the 1st week it is released
5% whenever I get some cash
14% I doubt I'll buy it, but maybe
5% There's no way I'm going to get it!

 Q: How do you think Geri will do solo?
(of 27 respondents) Week of June 1st 1999

74% I Think she'll do fantasticly!
11% She'll do pretty good
7% eh, she'll be ok I guess
4% she won't do too well in my opinion...
4% major bomb