Friday, August 4, 2000
'Posh Warns Geri: Robbie Loves Himself'

Victoria Beckham yesterday warned ex-Spice pal Geri Halliwell to be
of new boyfriend Robbie Williams - saying: "He loves HIMSELF."

Posh Spice said she cannot understand why her former girl band
is dating the randy ex-Take That singer.

And she added: "I hope Geri knows what she's doing."

Posh, 26, spoke out as serial loverboy Robbie, 26, and Geri, 28 on
cavorted like teenagers on holiday in St Tropez, South of France.

The Spice Girls turned their back on Robbie after he dumped another one
the group, Sporty Mel C, after a brief romance three years ago.

Posh told The Sun in an exclusive interview yesterday: "I don't know
whether it's love but I know he loves himself. What's it all about?

"I know he's got a new single out though - not that he needs the
publicity. I can't believe it.

"I'm sure they'll be talking a lot about therapy together. I just
hope she knows what she's doing."

The Sun revealed Robbie and the former Ginger Spice were madly in l
ove on Tuesday - and we published the first pictures of the pair
frolicking by a pool at their rented private villa.

Yesterday Geri wore a skimpy red bikini to show off her slimline figure
and a tattoo on her back. Robbie's tattoos were also on display as he
chain-smoked on the beach.

She lovingly climbed on his shoulders for a piggy-back ride to a
Then the couple chatted on a jetty and gazed into each other's eyes.

They are planning an intimate dinner for Geri's birthday on Sunday.
warning to Geri came just before she took to the air on London dance
station Kiss 100 FM.

She hit out at reports she had GAINED weight, revealing: "I'm exactly
same weight as I was six months ago - seven and a half stone. I can't
can I?"

Posh was joined on the show by former Another Level star Dane Bowers
features on her new single Out Of Your Mind.

And she was stunned when husband David Beckham called from Germany,
he is on a tour with Manchester United. Becks went on air and when Dane
asked the England star what he did for a living, he joked: "I'm a

Evans: Good luck to 'em

DJ Chris Evans says he is delighted his ex-girlfriend Geri has found
with Robbie. Virgin radio presenter Chris, 34, said on his breakfast
"I think they'd be great together. Congratulations
and good luck to them."