"I fancy gay fellas," says Halliwell

Saturday, June 3, 2000

POP star Geri Halliwell has complained she cannot find a boyfriend
all the blokes she likes are GAY.

The lonely ex-Spice Girl is keen to settle down after a string of
romances. But sexy Geri, 27, has moaned to her friends: "It's a
finding someone to date, because everyone I meet is gay."

She has not been linked with a straight fella since she had a two-week
fling with Virgin Radio boss Chris Evans last November. Geri has
been hanging out in Los Angeles with gay best pal George Michael, 36,
the superstar's boyfriend Kenny Goss. But she said: "A lot of my
are gay and so most people I mix with at the moment aren't straight.

"I was so excited when I met someone I really fancied in L.A. but in
end I found out he was gay too. It just seems all the men I fancy don't
happen to be interested. It's very difficult."

Geri desperately needs a man to mend her broken heart.

Salesman Giovanni Laporta bedded her in 1997, then told the world he
it only because she was then still a Spice Girl. Dancer Christian Storm
dumped her for All Saints stunner [whore] Shaznay Lewis.

Geri ditched posh Jamie Morrison in 1998 because he was boring.

And Polish male stripper Emilio Kosinsky claimed he had a five-hour
with the raunchy redhead.