Halliwell racks up songs on ``Therapy'' soundtrack
Thursday May 18 3:19 AM ET By Adam Dawtrey

Source: http://dailynews.yahoo.com/h/nm/20000518/en/film-canneshalliwell_1.html

CANNES (Variety) - The next album by former Spice Girl Geri Halliwell
be linked to her new movie, ``Therapy,'' and will include ``two or
singles written for the film.

Halliwell was working on her second solo album when she read the
``Therapy'' script, but the two are now being developed side by side.

``I'm going to make sure my album works with this film,'' Halliwell
Daily Variety.

Director David Green is planning to shoot extra days specifically for
videos that will accompany the release of the singles.

Halliwell confirmed that the songs are written, though she would not
disclose titles. She also said there would be a separate soundtrack
which she will produce, with a range of songs that could stretch from
to Patsy Cline.

``Therapy'' is a $15 million romantic comedy in which Halliwell will
a young London woman whose tempestuous love life and confrontations at
work drive her to seek therapy. Things get complicated when she falls
her therapist.

``The star of this show is the script,'' Halliwell said. ``This was a
story that just leaped off the page for me. I'm a very expressive
and if I believe in something, whether it's writing songs or falling in
love with a script, then I'm going to give 150% to it.''

The picture will include ``Alfie''-style speeches to camera by
character. It's a big challenge for someone in her first true acting
(in ``Spice World'' she played herself).

``I want to be the best that I can,'' Halliwell said. ''Maybe I'm not
going to be Meryl Streep, but I think I can do something honest and
the audience will leave the cinema feeling filled up.''

Casting will mostly be British, but Green said the central character's
American boss provides an opportunity for a high-profile star cameo.

``We're not out to make a British film that might work in Europe, but
international film that will work everywhere,'' Green said.

It's produced by Green's company, September Films, and the financing is
being put together by IAC Films. Halliwell has been tub-thumping the
project to distributors in Cannes.

Halliwell proved her critics wrong with the huge U.K. success of her
solo album, ``Geri.'' It spawned four No. 1 singles and also traveled
strongly through much of the world.

The American performance was less dramatic, but Halliwell hinted that
has a major new U.S. deal in the works for her second album, which will
give it a much bigger Stateside push.



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A spokesman for Geri explained she would play a girl called Amy in
'Tragedy', who seeks help to deal with her turbulent love life, but
becomes entangled with her therapist. He indicated that the film was a
'sort of romantic comedy' and was still in its development stage. He
added: 'Geri, as you can imagine, is very excited by the role.'

From: http://www.dotmusic.co.uk/news/May2000/news13928.asp


It is a gamble for the film's British makers, who will no doubt get the
jitters when they remember the result of her previous film foray -
World. Geri will formally announce her plans at the Cannes Film
where fellow pop stars the All Saints have been basking in some
glowing reviews of their film Honest.

Halliwell would be involved in the "creative process" herself, she
adding that she could not say at this stage exactly what form that

From: http://www.itn.co.uk/Entertainment/ents20000516/051608.htm


Her publicist Simon Jones told BBC News Online: "I can confirm that
will be appearing in a new film called Therapy. "It is being made by
September Films and will be directed by David Green, who worked on
and Wings of Apache."

He said the singer would play Amy, a girl who seeks help to deal with
turbulent love life, then discovers her therapist has fallen in love
her. Jones, who described Therapy as "a sort of romantic comedy", said
film was still in its development stage and no-one else had been cast.
added: "Geri, as you can imagine, is very excited by the role and will
in Cannes later this week meeting distributors."

For the past two months, Halliwell has been in Los Angeles where she
been laying down tracks for her second album.



Geri, 27, describes the film as "'Working Girl' meets 'Sex In The City'
meets 'Alfie'".