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 alien kiss

 Astronaughty... Geri gives alien kiss through helmet of his spacesuit in new video

September 26, 1999 from The Sun

SEXY Geri Halliwell has a real close encounter in her new video.
In the promo for Lift Me Up, the former Spice Girl's car breaks down in a desert and aliens come to her rescue.
One pokes her bum before they fix her car. Then they give it a quick wash and Geri tries to reward them with a
kiss through their space helmets before everyone zooms off to a hotel for the night.
Geri says: "The song is all about how we need someone to lift us up out of a bad mood.
"It is my favourite track on the album. mainly because it was the first one 1 wrote."
And watch out for the B-side of the single. It's Geri's version of Paul McCartney's classic "Live And Let Die, which
was recorded with a 64-piece orchestra.
Lift Me Up is released in November [in the UK].


 bum poke

 alien joyride

Rear Phew... alien prods Geri's bot

Space Wagon... Geri drives the aliens

Taken from Trixie Firecracker and she thanks B Guano, so thanks to them too!