POP superstars Geri Halliwell and Elton John stormed out of
the premiere of raunchy film Eyes Wide Shut after they were
kept waiting for the screening to start.

The singers and Elton's lover David Furnish stunned the
audience by leaving their seats before the film, starring Nicole
Kidman and Tom Cruise, had even begun.

The first British screening of Eyes Wide Shut - directed by the
late Stanley Kubrick - had been delayed by 75 minutes. And
many of the audience, who also included Claudia Schiffer, got
increasingly restless.

But just three missed the film that critics have dubbed the
sexiest ever.

My spy in the stalls says: "Screenings are often late but a
75-minute delay was pushing it. And Elton, Geri and David were

"Even so, people were shocked when the three of them just
decided to get up and walk out."

The initial delay was caused by Cruise and Kidman turning up

They then spent time signing autographs - and then exchanged
pleasantries with the audience at all seven screens inside
London's Warner complex.

Meanwhile TV presenter Jonathan Ross made a complete ass
of himself trying to interview Kidman about donkeys.

The Film '99 host had read that director Kubrick kept four
donkeys at his Hertfordshire home. But when he asked Kidman
about them she looked at him as if he were mad.