SPORTY Spice Melanie Chisholm last night launched a
blistering attack on former bandmate Geri Halliwell.

She claimed Geri - Ginger Spice before she quit the
group to go solo - did not have much of a voice and
lacked musical ability.

Mel, who is also chasing a solo career, said: "I don't want
to offend her, but I find it difficult to take her as a serious

"For me she's just cotton wool. She's not a talented
musician and she's not a very strong singer.

"She's a great celebrity but musically it doesn't come from
the heart. It's just hollow. She'll probably be good on TV."

Mel told how the band had tried to stay friends with Geri
after she left the Spice Girls in May last year, but had
been spurned.

She said: "The ball is in her court now.

"We've all tried to get in touch with her but she doesn't
return our calls. She can't seem to bring herself to talk to

Mel, 23, also revealed other tensions within the group.

She described Posh Spice Victoria Adams' wedding to
footballer David Beckham as "over the top" and admitted
there were times when she and Mel G were not on
speaking terms.

Mel also confessed in an interview with pop magazine Q
to dabbling in drugs, but said this was now behind her.