Monday, June 21, 1999

Geri Halliwell

Ginger Spice
goes it alone,
and not since
Rob and Fab's
second album
been so low. The
songs, which
dabble in everything from
retro disco and India chic to ersatz torch and
ersatz ''La Isla Bonita,'' are frilly costumes for
Halliwell to don and discard at will. None is as
bad as the forced-showstopper single ''Look at
Me,'' and the lack of seriousness with which
Halliwell takes herself has its charms, but
Schizophonic has as much heft as her tiny
voice. Grade: C- -- David Browne


My response, which I posted on the Entertainment Weekly site.

How dare Davide Browne say that about Geri and her album!! He was obviously also blinded by the low expectations of Geri's album and was biases towards her and didn't give her a chance. I bought Schizophonic, and I personally really enjoy it. "Look At Me" is a get-up-and-dance kinda tune which i find irresistable. Her album has many different musical appeals from trippy sitar music in "Let Me Love You" to the Jazz-y "Goodnight Kiss". I admit, Geri doesn't have the most fantastic voice in the world, but it has character which gives her songs an edge others couldn't pull off. Mr. Browne, i suggest you take another listen to Schizophonic, it's a perfect blend of pop, jazz, dance, and fun. And way spicer than any Spice Girls song I've heard.