Geri Controversial
Geri Halliwell angers the Catholic Church.
by Josh Wolk

from EW online it was reported on June 15, 1999 but I just found it today

SPREADING THE WORD As part of her role as
U.N. goodwill ambassador, Geri Halliwell
visited the 84 percent-Catholic Philippines on
Tuesday to promote contraception, and boy
oh boy did that steam the Roman Catholic
Church. Monsignor Pedro Quitorio of the
Philippines said that sending Halliwell to his
country was like ''sending Salman Rushdie as
an ambassador of goodwill to a Muslim
country.'' Hundreds of Manila's kids were more
welcoming, however, and met her at the
plane, cheering. After visiting a birth-control
clinic and a college which is planning a
sex-education program, Halliwell praised the
groups, according to the Associated Press,
saying that everyone deserves to be in
''control over your own fertility.''