Schizophonic arrives!

Angel Sweet Geri Devil sex kitten Geri

the two covers: the angel, the devil

Ah! yesterday (6-17-99) was a day of great rejoice! Geri's album arrived to record stores everywhere! I rushed out as soon as I could to get a copy of my very own, in my hot little hands. I dragged my mother into Sam Goody at the mall (not my usual place to buy CDs, but we were in the mall and pressed for time, so I went there.) to get the aforementioned CD. To my delight, I was greeted by a large poster-type-thing of Geri's album cover in a gigantic 'CD case'. I rushed inside and grabbed a copy of the album. I examined the cover and the sticker on the front that read:

 From the woman who defined Girl Power


The debut solo album featuring

"Look At Me"


Contains 1 of 4 Collectible Posters

I, of course, was overjoyed by the fact that I was going to be getting a magical little poster inside my CD :-) Once in the car, I opened my Cd and I got the "Vamp" poster. I was happy cause that's my fave "character" in "Look AT Me". Clutching my CD, I wandered over to the 'H' section, just to look. I was extremely happy to see that they had the "Look At Me" import from England, CD2. When I bought the CD and single, the girl behind the counter also gave me this little CD size packet wrapped in plastic. I could see the 'Sister' picture of Geri. The girl said it was a promo thing they'd gotten but hadn't used, so I could have it. I was happy :-) When I opened it up, it revealed four little cardboard card of Geri's "Look At Me" personalities. But it's rare cause they say "Sister", "Vamp", "Virgin", and "Boss". The "Boss" one is rare because it is supposed to say "Bitch" but it's regarded as a 'bad' word in America and if it's a display, it might offend people. I also asked if they would give away the big CD cover poster in the front when they were done with it. She said she couldn't reserve is for me, but if I came back in a month, I might be able to get it. I hope so! I would oh-so-love to have it! It was really big, probably two or three feet high. There is another, much smaller, Sam Goody around here that isn't all that popular that would give it to me if they have it. They've given me lots of promo things before because they don't have the demand for them like the more popular stores do. I hope I can get it!

As for the album, it's fantastic! I really do like it! (I will try to have some sounds up for you, but the files haven't been working right for some reason.) All of the songs have a good beat to them and are catchy. I personally really like Lift Me Up and Walkaway, besides Look At Me.


The four cards that the girl behind the counter so kindly gave me:

My vamp poster is just like the card, just bigger

Look At Me England CD2: