Geri album disaster

from dotmusic

Geri's album 'Schizophonic' not only failed to
beat Boyzone to the top of the album charts
this week, it also failed to do better than
fourth spot.

Boyzone's massive sales took them to top
spot once more, but Abba and Shania Twain
also beat Geri in the sales battle for chart
supremacy. Even American rock band Red Hot
Chili Peppers managed 5th spot.

Coming on the back of her runners-up spot for
'Look At Me' this represents a real kick in the
teeth for Geri from UK record buyers. Ouch!

My Comments

This report is from dotmusic. I do not agree with a thing they have to say though! Why on earth are they saying that #4 is a terrible thing?? That's great! Maybe it's different in the UK, i dunno, but that's a great debut. I just hope that Geri's solo career will take off. Her US record company better get with it, or she'll bomb in America :-( I don't want that to happen! Capitol Records, get with it!!!!