Geri in trouble with Cathoilc Church

As Geri embarks upon her first tour in the role
of United Nations goodwill ambassador, she
has already stirred-up some controversy.
Church leaders in the Philippines, where Geri
is promoting safe sex, have condemned her
work claiming that she is setting a bad

Visiting the Marie Stopes Clinic, the star
brought the inevitable army of photographers
and consequent disruption with her. Her
mission will prove a real challenge as the
Philippines is a predominantly Catholic country
whose people share the Catholic Church's
belief that condoms are 'evil'.

The Church - already upset by Geri's
portrayal of a nun in her latest video - is keen
to counter her message, urging children not to
listen to the arguments in favour of condoms.

My Comments

I knew it would happen one day. Geri is doing a fantastic thing, promoting birth control and awareness. Don't be discouraged by their stupidity Geri!!! My response? Fuck the Catholic Church! (sorry to any little ones that may be reading this.)They are all about politics. Birth control is drasticly needed throughout the world, and Geri is just trying to make people aware. I don't know what it is like in the Phillipines, but in the third world countries Geri has been visiting, it is VERY much so needed. When will people finally wake up to this?