Plot- It all started on the morning of February 26th, 1984 in the Christ Hospital in Cincinatti, Ohio. I, Caitlin Gibson, was born. I was the first (and only) child of John and Wendy Gibson. I don't remember Cincinatti very well. We only lived there for a year until we moved. Next stop was Fort Collins, Colorado. We lived there for only a year also. I remember we had a large red house. I fed the neighbors horses carrots tempting them with "here horfy horfy" as I hung onto the first rung in the fence. The only other vivid memory of Colorado is making my parents pull over to the side of the road in order to gawk at the large billboard adorned with Goofy and take pictures of it. I sure miss that sign. The next state is Wisconsin, my true home. We moved there when I was three. I instatnly bonded with a neighbor girl, Emily, and we became inseperable. I have many great memories of that home. The "love of my life", (well sorta) Eli, playing Barbies, playing in the turtle sandbox, it was all fun. Then we moved again-- but not far. We moved across town from DePere to Green Bay. I was heartbroken at first, but I made many great friends. Wisconsin is a very beautiful and diverse place. I had many great friends who were Native American and learned about the traditions and customs of their people. In total, I lived in Wisconsin eight years. I'm glad I experienced my childhood in such a unique environment. On to New York. In the middle of fifth grade we were uprooted once again to move to Rochester, NY. At first I was miserable, and then I returned to fifth grade with Mr. Occhino. I could not have asked for a better teacher or class. I was immedietly accepted into the class and it turned out to be the most amazing, unique and mind expanding year of my school career. I learned so much from Mr. O, he completely changed my outlook on learning and living. In sixth grade I met my best friend Jessica. We bonded over our mutual patheticness in gym class and have been close ever since. Middle school was rough, I'm glad I have Jessica to suffer through most of it. We had so much in common with each other it was bizarre, we were both the oddball at our preppy school and didn't buy into the shallowness of our peers. I haven't seen Jessica since I moved but we still remian very close-- long distance. Now that takes me up to Nashville. We moved here over the summer of 1997. I was heart broken to leave Jessica and our wonderful house. Eighth grade still goes down as my most hell-ish year ever. The people here were alien to me. The first day of school I was so surprised to see everybody dressed and acting the same. I had a huge case of culture shock. I survived the year and that takes me to my years at NSA. I am glad I came to this school. No matter what anybody says about it, there are some awesome people here. It really took me until tenth grade to make good friends, but now I am more confident in myself and enjoy being with my friends. This is just a small slice of my short life-- it would be impossible to cover it all. More wonderful things are sure to come in the future-- and bad things also-- that will change me and my view on life-- hopefully for the better. I hope to grow and learn and be introduced to new things each day, and through it all I will become a better person for it.