Geri Multimedia

this section will have some nifty Geri backgrounds for your computer desktop, (made my little ole me.) And hey, don't steal these and put them on your site. I, myself, me, moi, made these all from my little monkey mind, and I will get really pissed if you steal them and try and take credit. They are meant to be saved and used on your computer for personal use. If you want to put them on your site And give me a nice little link and credit, I get really happy and get up and do a little dance :) Otherwise, be a person and don't steal them.

For now, that's all that will be on this part of the page. If I could, I'd put videos on here, but unfortunatly I don't know how to use my video capture quality. I know, real handy isn't it?

Maybe I'll put some small wavs of Geri talking on here and her parts in Spice Songs, but I don't know... Once the new album comes out, I'll have some clips! Stay tuned!

Geri Desktop Backgrounds




 all backgrounds are 800x600 resolution only

to set the background on your desktop, on your mouse, right click on the full size pic and choose "set as wallpaper". Or you can save it on your computer, and use a picture program to set it as background.