I am your webmistress.

Doesn't that sound cool?

So, since you are here, I assume you have looked at my page, Ginger Snap.

I also have another page called Under The Waves that you may want to check out. It has music and other cool junk.

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Well now what?

Would you like to know about me?


Well I pity you, but here you go anyway.

I obviosly like Geri, but the more burning question is:


Why do I like Geri? Well I have my reasons.

1. She was the best Spice Girl. by far Geri won that title. She was loud, she was outrageuos, she was rude, she grabbed Price Charles's ass, how cool is that?

2. She's so real. She doesn't look like some waif, 20ft super-model, but she's gorgeous.

3. She is so darling! Ever since she's been made over as Elegant Spice, she has just been so darling! Her outfits are precious and she's always bubbling and happy. And when she was on David Letterman she just leaped up there in the chair and sat pretzel-legged. Too cute.

4. She does so much good. Ever since she's been a Goodwill Ambassador, she has spread so much awareness. She has enlightened many women about breast cancer, even women in prisons. She goes to third world countries and promotes birth control, (to the displeasment of some) where it is greatly needed.With her celebrity status she brings so much promotion and enlightenment to people, which is fantasic.

Um, there are more, but I can't think of anymore now.



I am a 15 year old female.

I will be in 10th grade when school returns in the fall.


i do not smoke, do drugs, drink, have sex, or commit petty crimes.

I made a 4.0 grade point average last year in the 9th grade.

 Damn, I kick ass

I swear, i am every parents dream child. I don't commit any of the aforementioned crimes, and :::gasp::: I enjoy being with my parents. Call me crazy, but I do.

I am about as anti-social as they come.

I rarely hang out with people my age.

This is part choice, part the way it is.

Most children my age either:

A. Don't like me because "I'm weird"

(actually, I think it's cause I'm so.... "good" that people don't want to be around me.)

B. I don't want to associate with them for various reasons

(such as, being a bunch of jack asses and committing crimes and doing drugs, etc., etc., etc.)

C. Live too damned far away

( I got to what is called a "Magnet School" and kids come from all around the county to this "special" school that majors in something. So therefore, most of my friends live really far away which makes it difficult to do anything with them.)

or D. Um... I just plain don't like people.

I've never been a social butterfly, if you know what I mean.


Well I kinda got off the topic here. Oh well. Was I ever on one?



Well, more about me......

I'm an artist.

I love to draw, and recently I've been taking oil painting class which is really cool.

So far my painting skills aren't fantastic, but I'm working on it.

You can see some of my artist abilities displayed in the Geri Art section of that page.

I also enjoy writing very much so.

I have written two very cool children's stories.... hmmm, maybe i should display them?

I dunno.... I don't want people stealing them.



I have a cat

She's cool and insane.

Her name is Miranda

Here's her lovely picture:

hehe isn't it cool? i took it right in front of her so that's why it looks weird.


Meet my cyber Guinea Pig! Her name is Lucille.

Isn't she spiffy? Click on the certificate to go get one of your own!



Would you like a cyber "pet"? Go and get one of this very page!

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Stuff I Like

Daria kicks ass. Jane, (above) is my fave because she reminds me of myself.



Is an awesome show. I love David Spade, he's great.



Rats kick ass. Plain and simple. If you are afraid of rats, you are just a wussy and need to get over it.

They're the best pets you'll ever want to own in your life.



daisies are the best flowers


I enjoy nail polish. I have large amounts of fun painting my nails. I particularly enjoy dark vampy reds and shiny pinks. But any color will do.



Monkeys are so cool. They are so cute and intelligent. And so human-like. It's almost scary how much like us they are. But they're better. Humans are terrible. Monkeys and apes don't destroy the planet with pollution. They just live in their jungles and rain forests peacefully. That is until their home is plowed down for timber.

 damn, now I'm depressed

Well more about monkeys.

I collect all things monkey.

(You pervert with your dirty mind, i know what you're thinking. Sicko)

I especailly enjoy Curious George.

He kicks ass.

I have all sorts of cool monkey things.

I have little monkey stuffed animals, figurines, and tons of other stuff.



I also enjoy Monkichi.

He's a Sanrio character. Which I also enjoy (Sanrio that is).

this is a fast ani of all the most popular characters.


Chococat is also spiffy. He's a fairly new character in America. I have a few things of him.



Well, I think that's about all I can come up with to write about for now.

Comments? Good. Write me some mail, you know you want to.

Oh and in case you forgot, Sign My Guestbook.