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 Welcome to ginger snap 7.0!!

After a long hiatus, Ginger Snap is back! I know it has been a long time, but I am making a comeback. I thought I would spice things up a bit with a pop-up window. I also have adobe photoshop now so my graphics can be nicer now. :D Things might take a while to get it all together. I would like to thank all the loyal Ginger Snap viewers for sticking with me! <3 -Caitlin


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Well, it used to be every week there would  be  a  new "quiz" pertaining to   Ms.   Geri,  but   now  it  will  be whenever  I  come  up  with  a  new one. I   don't   really   get    enough traffic  to change it every week. The results  of  old  polls  in the archive. Please take the time to respond, it only takes a moment and pops up in it's own little window.




I'm back! (again) I finally motivated myself to start work on GS once more. Again, I really appoligize to any loyal GS fans out there. I know there was a long drought, but I'm trying to make up for it. I have done a lot of maintence work such as cleaning up this page. I also have the picture gallery up and working. So far only one page of pics, but more are coming. I also made a new desktop background featured below. More updates may come without my logging them. Stay tuned! :D

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