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 Welcome to ginger snap 7.0!!

After a long hiatus, Ginger Snap is back! I know it has been a long time, but I am making a comeback. I thought I would spice things up a bit with a pop-up window. I also have adobe photoshop now so my graphics can be nicer now. :D Things might take a while to get it all together, but hopefull Geri's album will come out soon to inspire me to keep working on my site. I would like to thank all the loyal Ginger Snap viewers for sticking with me! :D


Poll of the "Week"

Well, it used to be every week there would  be  a  new "quiz" pertaining to   Ms.   Geri,  but   now  it  will  be whenever  I  come  up  with  a  new one. I   don't   really   get    enough traffic  to change it every week. The results  of  old  polls  in the archive.



Finally fixed the frames so that the stuff comes up in the window where it should. I will be converting all the pages into the new layout, so not much new content will be up. Older things that have been down should be back though. Let me know what you think of the new Ginger Snap! Take the poll about or e-mail me! :D


NEW LAYOUT!!!!!!!! Nothing is in the correct format just to let you all know, and I am having some major technical difficulties so everything is popping up in a new window. So bare with me and everything will be worked out much better in a few days. I hope everyone likes the new layout!

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On a small note, Geri is featured as the picture crossword clue in people magazine. I do not remember the issue date but it is the one with Madonna on the cover about her wedding. It's a small pic, but cool since Geri has had little coverage in the US lately :D

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