Cait's "example blogger"


I just saw Tomb Raider. I am now officially in love with Angelina Jolie. I swear, I just want to FUCK her. she is so...... yummmmmmy. It's also a good movie. It actually had a plot, and many details. It wasn't just all about her boobies. (which by the way, had to have been "enhanced" in her sexy little t-shirts. They were too pointy.)Angelina is crazy, but hey, she's tasty, so who really cares?

the movie was also really purty.... nice location shooting.

Anyhow, I digress. They showed a preview for that new Reese Witherspoon movie Legally Blonde. I hate to say it, but I want to see it. It looks so completely silly, but in that funny-stupid way, like Clueless was. You see I also have a "personal connection" to it. Not really, but I'll tell you anyway. My dad knows the movie reviewer at the newspaper here. As a promo for the movie the movie studio sent out a blond wig with all the info about the movie. So he gave it to my dad since he knew he had a daughter. So i amused myself by putting it on and acting dumb for a bit, but then just kinda set it aside. Well a friend of mine was having a get together and I saw the wig and decided to bring it along, just for kicks. So I did and my friends and I took "naughty pictures". Not really, but they were slightly scandelous. For one I wore the wig and sat on one of my male friend's knee while looking slutty. (you know: open legs, red lipstick, the works.) He put his hand on my thigh with a goofy "yeah buddy!" look on his face and an old 40's lookin pimp hat. Ah.... happy memories with the gang. :D

So i got some today. Not in the sense that you are all thinking now. (because I KNOW you all have dirty minds.) But hey, it's better than what I was getting before. which was..... nothing

Hmmm well I guess that was my day. I also ate chinese food. How very exciting! Adios!