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geri has been featured in many magazines. I will try and showcase as many of these as possible. some are covers, special features, or were simply interviews, or interviews with a small picture. enjoy.


c o v e r s & f e a t u r e s

 mademoiselle cover



June 1999

Geri's second Cover on an American Woman's magazine

Ginger Snap Exclusive

 Allure cover



November 1998

Geri's first proper magazine interview solo from the Spice Girls.

 Jane Picture


A cool article from an American magazine. Awesome pictures.

 US picture



A good American magazine article that looks into Geri's past and future as an artist and her life.

Ginger Snap Exclusive!

 smash hits cover

Smash Hits

Cute pictures! Geri and Harry.

beautiful q picture


Beautiful pictures and a fun article about Geri.


-s m a l l a r t i c l e s-


Sun Article-

About Geri's budding musical career and LAM video.


Geri the Spice Ghoul-

Info on the shooting of LAM and Geri's new carrer

 teen people picture


Teen People-

Look at her!

Ginger Snap exclusive!

 rolling stone pic

Rolling Stone-


Ginger Snap Exclusive


Entertainment Weekly-

And a Geri on Top

Ginger Snap Exclusive


The Tennessean- (local paper)

Gingerly, Geri Halliwell savors life after the Spice Girls

Ginger Snap Exclusive


USA Today-

A phrase of the day that won't go away

Ginger Snap Exclusive

USA Today-

life isn't so scary for Spice free Geri

Ginger Snap Exclusive


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