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Medium: Sketched in pencil, covered in watercolors

Schizophonic Cover

Schizo Geri

Medium(s): sketched in pencil then painted in watercolor


Medium: pencil

medium(s): Marker, oil pastels

Medium(s): first drawn out, then painted over in acrylic paint


Meduim(s): sketched out then used colored pencils



Medium(s): colored pencil

Posh Face

Medium: Pencil


Melanie B

Medium(s): sketched out in pencil, then covered in marker and oil pastels


Gavin Rossdale

Medium(s): sketched in pencil, then covered in watercolor

This is Gavin Rossdale from the band, Bush.


Horsie Oil

Medium: Oil paint

the scan is pretty much the size of the oil, I couldn't resist the canvas when i saw it ;) This is one of my first oil


Milla Jovovich


Medium: Watercolors


Hello Kitty

"Geisha Kitty" Medium: Watercolor


This is an ugrouted mosaic, so it is just the tiles glued down.

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