:: g e r i . a r t ::

This section will have my artwork of Geri displayed. It will also include some artwork of the other Spices and other various artwork I've done.If you have any art of Geri, or any of the other art for that matter, please e-mail me! I'd love to post it on my site for all the world to see!


Big Magazine Cover Geri

Medium: Sketched in pencil, covered in watercolors

Schizophonic Geri

Medium(s): sketched in pencil then painted in watercolor

Arms Up Drawing

Medium: pencil

Union Jack Dress Geri

Click for bigger pic

medium(s): Marker, oil pastels

Spice World Geri

 click for bigger pic

Medium(s): first drawn out, then painted over in acrylic paint

Allure Geri

Meduim(s): sketched out then used colored pencils

Some Different Geri Looks

early spicey geri spicey geri

post spicey geri just geri

(Click for bigger pics) Medium(s): Top: marker, colored pencil, and oil pastel Bottom: pencil

Victoria Artwork these are on my Victoria Site: Princess Posh


My first Victoria Drawing

 Medium: Pencil

Made in the summer of '97, which explains the lack of good quality...

Pencil Sketch of Vic's head and shoulders

Medium: Pencil

Melanie B

 Medium(s): sketched out in pencil, then covered in marker and oil pastels

doesn't she look fruity?

Other Art Work

Gavin Rossdale

 Medium(s): sketched in pencil, then covered in watercolor

This is Gavin Rossdale from the band, Bush.

Horsie Oil

my little horsie

Medium: Oil paint

the scan is pretty much the size of the oil, I couldn't resist the canvas when i saw it ;) This is one of my first oils

Milla Jovovich

Medium: Watercolors

Hello Kitty

"Geisha Kitty" Medium: Watercolor