Geri's New Album, Single and Video


Schizophonic album tracklist

1.Look At Me
2.Lift Me Up
3.Walk Away
4.Mi Chico Latino
5.Goodnight Kiss
6.Bag It Up
8.Let Me Love You
9.Someone Watching Over Me
10.You're In A Bubble

Album Covers

Angel Sweet Geri Devil sex kitten Geri




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Look At Me Single Pictures




Good looking, bad tasting...Full bodied, but wasted...

Loose livin, tight fitting..

what you see ain't what you are getting

Look at me...You can take it all because this face is free

Maybe next time use your eyes and...LOOK AT ME

I'm a drama queen if that's your thing baby..I can even do reality


I got some of the stuff from Trixie Firecracker